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Learn from home and boost your kids' logical, adaptive and creative thinking

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Coding fosters creativity & improves your academic performance

Children build their brains by kickstarting their coding journey with us and in the process, improve their logical abilities since it helps them visualize abstract concepts and make it fun and creative.

Logical Thinking

Coding is the new literacy which boosts logical thinking. It helps you reason through - decisions, solve problems, generate creative ideas and set goals.

Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is important because it helps you look at problems and situations from a fresh perspective and build solutions in your own style.

Algorithmic Thinking

Algorithmic skill is important in kids since it provides the ability to fluently interpret and design structured procedures and rule systems.

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Meet our star mentors

Prasad Sawant
Manomay Saha

Manomay Saha

The mentors are friendly and the classes are convenient. It happens in the alternate days that helps me concentrate on my other interests.

Malavika Venkatesh


She was an amazing mentor and a great support system. She really understood my struggle and she was able to correct me when I faltered. That was one of the things I appreciated the most. She created a work environment that was stress free and without any pressure and that's why I fell in love with python. I really hope to continue my journey in the future and become an expert in python.

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I loved the teaching way of Rohini Mam. She didn't give me a chance to ask questions because I understood everything very well and she made sure we learn everything properly. She is the best teacher!

Message from founder

The main idea is to foster every child's inner logical and analytical thinking abilities and upskill them. We at LetsUpgrade always believe that technology is a powerful tool for transforming learning and lives. We reinvent approaches to learning where the students learn beyond coding;their creativity levels will be at its best when tech is added to it thus enabling them to experiment on multiple fields at an earlier age. Every kid is blessed with their own talents. Their curiosity to know whats behind what is our motivation to help them find the answers to their doubts. We want to create an environment where they become self-motivated learners along with many fun activities and sessions planned apart from the classes.

Saikiran Sondarkar

Mr. Saikiran Sondarkar

Founder & Director, LetsUpgarde

Goals of LetsUpgrade Jr.

Make your kids stand out of the crowd
Make your kids stand out of the crowd
Upskill your kids by helping them boost their analytical and creative thinking capabilities.
Make them self-motivated learners
Mysterious Bottle
Help them visualize abstract concepts.
Invisibility Mask
Provide them with the best learning experience

"The whole experience was very refreshingly different. All the things I learnt allowed me to think freely, creatively and express myself in different ways."



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